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This short clip of Janet discussing Benford’s Law illutrates how she makes a complex topic easy to understand.

Janet M. McHard teaches all over the world on forensic accounting and fraud topics for McHard Accounting Consulting, and is also a Faculty member for the Association of Certified Fraud Exmainers. In this brief video clip, she discusses Benford’s Law, a statistical observation about naturally occurring sets of numbers, including accounting data. Application of Benford’s Law can be used to discover numbers which do not conform to the expected distributions – this might indicate fraud. Janet has testified as an expert on Benford’s Law.

In this clip Beth discusses interviewing, including why the word “interrogation” is best replaced with “admission seeking interview” in many situations.

Beth A. Mohr has taught interviewing techniques to law enforcement officers and civilians all over North America; she is a retired San Diego Police Officer, and a certified law enforcement instructor, and has also taught interviewing techniques to auditors, accountants, and Certified Fraud Examiners, bankers, casino administrators and many others. These interview techniques apply to both witness interviews and admission seeking interviews, and are extremely effective. Beth also teaches on interviewing ethics, as well as other fraud and investigative topics.

Police – Defending Police Uses of Force in The Era of BWC & Cell Phones

Why Didn’t They Just Shoot The Gun Out of His Hand? Defending Police Uses of Force in The Era of BWC & Cell Phone Video

In popular culture, fictionalized versions of police encounters often depict officers flawlessly shooting a gun out of a suspect’s hand. However, it is crucial to address the unrealistic nature of such scenarios in real-life law enforcement. This webinar aims to shed light on key topics, including the impact of life-and-death situational stress, the training officers receive, and the limitations of video evidence captured by body-worn cameras (BWC) and cell phones. By understanding these critical aspects, municipal attorneys can effectively convey accurate and informed messages to jurors, judges, insurance adjusters, and the general public.

Ms. Mohr’s webinar on these unrealistic scenarios.