McHard Accounting Consulting LLC exclusively practices forensic accounting, white collar crime and financial investigations, litigation support and management consulting; we do not prepare taxes or perform financial statement audits.

Financial documents will tell a story in our expert hands

We strive to be thoughtful about our case and client selection. For example, in our litigation support work, we endeavor to balance our clients and cases between victim-sided investigations and criminal defense. It is our belief, and the feedback from the attorneys who hire us, that working both sides of the aisle helps to demonstrate our neutrality in our work and expert opinions.

We are professional, ethical and experienced in forensic accounting and financial investigations. We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality applicable to each case –including confidentiality of client identity and information when appropriate.

Please call or email to set up time to discuss how McHard Accounting Consulting LLC can assist you. A brief consultation is free of charge to help you determine what kind of forensic accounting issues you may have, whether we are best suited to assist you with a particular engagement, and what next steps you might consider. Our commitment is that you and your case will always receive personalized attention from a firm partner.