We are a different kind of accounting firm – our practice is exclusively dedicated to forensic and investigative accounting.

Litigation Support

Pre-litigation case analysis,  Discovery assistance and analysis of financial records.

Expert witness testimony, including appointed neutral expert.

Consulting expert – non-testifying expert as a strategic member of your legal team.

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White Collar Crime Investigations

Analysis of source of funds for attorney retainer to determine your risk of attorney fee claw-back.

Tracing of funds in white collar cases.

Investigation of securities fraud cases.

Kovel accounting and assistance with tax controversy cases.

Calculation of loss for sentencing under Federal guidelines.

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Financial Investigations

Investigating allegations of fraud & financial discrepancies.

Reconstruction of accounting records for probate and other litigated matters.

Partnership dissolution and other business disputes.

Employment matters such as investigating allegations of theft or fraud.

Preparing of proof of loss for insurance claims due to employee theft.

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Title 31 Training

  • Operating casino games
  • Cage employees
  • Security employees
  • Senior management
  • Marketing employees
  • Audit employees
  • Compliance employees

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Money Laundering

Obtain Illegal Sources of Income

  • Step 1: Placement
  • Step 2: Layering
  • Step 3: Integration

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Other Training