Many of the tasks that we perform conducting forensic and investigative accounting tasks fall squarely within the legal definition of conducting investigations in many US states. Thus, Beth A. Mohr is licensed as a private investigator in the States of New Mexico, Arizona & California. Additionally, McHard Accounting Consulting LLC is a licensed private investigations business in the States of New Mexico, California, and Arizona (NM-PI License #2503, AZ-PI License #1639940, CA-PI License #28441).

If you are going engage an expert witness or fact witness, you will want to ensure that they are either properly licensed within the jurisdiction, or specifically exempted from licensure requirements. Otherwise, the  risk is that opposing counsel can accuse your expert of violating the law during cross-examination, or the judge may choose to disallow their testimony entirely.

Beth A. Mohr’s article in the July/August 2013 issue of Fraud Magazine, covers PI license requirements in all fifty states.